Question: What Dose Victory Mean on Social Media?


What does victory on social media mean? A modest but complex question, every marketer has in their mind.

Few of us are scratching our head and finding a perfect answer, which make us understand and fits into the context in which the question was raised.

The initial answer is the most noticeable, which can be easily found with a simple Google search. For some marketers, success in social media is a conversion into a website / blog traffic. Few more to build an engagement on social media channels and reach to targeted audiences. And for some of us, it’s important to viral one tweet or video published on YouTube. And many of us believe in final big numbers we have on our spreadsheet.

For some marketers, victory in social media is to have big numbers.

Let me clarify, this kind of answers will never help you to build a brand and will not count as a success or victory on social media. Just because it is not the real victory.

I consider the victory in social media is more in the context of social rather than the context of a media.

So what does this mean? Let me ask you one more question:

What is Social Media?

Before you start answering my question, please ask yourself what is Social Media stands for?

In the past, (a time where brands were not on social media) and for people, social media was a virtual place, where they talked to their network and did whatever they wanted in their routine life. And the context was remained to be social.

These days, marketers are destroying the context of social media and making it more about media and less about social.

And this is the reason that why success or victory for marketers is scored in numbers.

I assume, you can do better at social media rather than playing and achieving big numbers in your spreadsheet. And being a brand / marketer, you can have a big impact on your targeted audience behaviour.

That can occur, when you, as a brand, take an action to a user’s query.

It’s all about what you are doing, the way you are doing and the timeframe to assist users’ query. It can in any type like, real time customer service on various social media channels (Twitter & Facebook) or it can be an educative video content and step by step guide to solve the problem.

The real success in social media is something meaningful to your users, at the right time, right moment and in the right context.

Let’s say your brand tweet response time is an hour, you instantly reply to users’ query on Facebook, or even your Pinterest board has all the information for travels to plan their journey. This means providing or assist with a decision making content to your users and help them to save time, money, energy and struggling things to make their life easier.

Now we have second answer,

Social Media is all about helping users in the first place and in return they will be loyal customers for a long time and will give long term benefits to the business / brand.

For brand, this is what I believe that you should follow.

Personally, I do not care about numbers, followers or likes on my social media channels. I only care about to share something valuable for my readers or followers, so that can help them do a better and more meaningful work.

So, let’s change the mentality of social media managers / marketers and lead the way to see the better usage of social media for brands and also for users in the near future.

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