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Social Web Tech Talk is an online platform and provides tips and information related to different web technologies, analyses, news & upcoming technologies and more from the world of internet.

We believe to share more by publishing article with this platform which are more practical and useful for all who are curious to know about latest happening & innovative things related to web technologies, devices, gradates, best practices and lot more from the world of internet. Our aim is to represent the thoughts of experts in a form of content on various subjects, which are majorly divided in below mentioned categories.

Our thoughts to build Social Web Tech Talk:

Social Web Tech Talk is an online community with a passionate team (we named as SWTT Team) who are happy to join their hands to share theirs as well as experts’’ views associated with happening things in the world of internet. In the mid of the year 2013, we have planned to build one platform to share information related to current trend & news, information related to different web technologies, experts’ best practices, effective things in marketing, more about gadgets & trend and many more.

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What We Like to Share?

We call this community an open community. With this platform we are producing content on various subjects which are divided in many categories. Below is a list of the major categories:

Major Categories

  • News
  • Social
  • Web
  • Tech Talk
  • Mobile
  • Marketing

And more…

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