Rich Cards New Search result format in


Google introduced improved version of rich snippets as rich cards. It is the next level of Rich Snippet and webmasters of Recipe and Movie website / blog can take advantage to show in search results more visually.

This next step to the Rich Cards in search results will be a more engaging with a visual format for better mobile search experience for users.

Rich Cards New Search result format in Google

Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog

Isn’t it a great opportunity for webmasters to stand out in search results and attract more targeted users?

Google has started showing Rich Cards for two content categories. 1) Recipes and 2) Movies. Rich Cards search results are only available for English in As of now there is no sign from Google to show Rich Cards in other Search Engines with English and different languages but Google has a plan to extend and will start showing the Rich Cards results in more country based search results gradually.

How to Implement Rich Cards on your website / blog?

Rich Cards use markup to show the content with Rich Cards format in search results. So, existing implantation of Schema can be helpful to load Rich Cards for webpage / blog post in search results.

Google has updated their developer site with more documentation and examples and will be useful to learn this new format.

Know the list of fields are essential to mark up that can enhance your appearance of Rich Cards in Google Mobile Search.

Webmasters can see the preview of Rich Cards for their website / post in revamped Structured Data Testing Tool.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog

Google has also added a New Search Console Rich Cards Report in Google Search Console, which shows the report of index rates and errors, and each error example links are connected to the Structured Data Testing Tool to test in the live environment.

Rich Cards Report in Google Search Console

Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog

Once all done submit / resubmit a sitemap in Google Search Console to discover the markup data.

Google also said to monitor the performance of Rich Cards.

A new “Rich results” filter in Search Analytics (currently in a closed beta) will help you track how your rich cards and rich snippets are doing in search: you’ll be able to drill down and see clicks and impressions for both.

So, instead of providing just basic text search results, let stand out in search results with Rich Cards Carousels to be a favourite Recipe or movie post for the targeted users.

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