Orkut Shutdown on September 30, 2014


It’s time to say “GoodBye” to Orkut. Google made announcement that “Orkut will no longer available after 30 September 2014 till that time we can login to account, play games and can use our account as normal.

We can do till Sep 2014

  • Export our photo album to Google+
  • Save Orkut Profile Scraps, Testimonials and communities posts on our computers via Google Takeout.

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We cannot do after Sep 2014

  • We will be not able to export photos to our Google+ Profile
  • Apps, APIs and games will no longer accessible
  • All public communities will be transferred to Public Communities Archived


All Communities which are public can be accessed publicly, but with an archived tag to the individual communities. What privileges all members and communities owner will have after 30 Sep 2014?

For Members

  • Individual communities’ member can access the communities on the web, which will be saved as an archived community after 30 Sep 2014.
  • A member cannot be able to add new topics, comments and polls to the communities.
  • Member can only allowed to preview the discussion and topics posted to the communities.

If you are a community member and do not wish to archive your any post, you can simply browse the topic and delete it, after it will not be saved as an archived.

For Owners

  • Community will be saved as a view only after 30 September 2014.
  • Anyone can browse communities and can read existing topics, comments and polls created within the community.

If the owner of the community does not wish to list his / her communities as an archived then he / she has permission to delete the community before Orkut gets Shutdown.

  • Open communities Home page
  • Go to community settings
  • Privacy and Safety
  • Click option next to “Open – anyone can view the content of the community.”
  • Check the box “Search engines like Google and non-Orkut users can find my community and its topics.” if you wish to archive your community after 30 Sep
  • Or, uncheck “Search engines like Google and non-Orkut users can find my community and its topics.” If you do not wish to include the community in archived.

Delete your Orkut Profile

Wish the help of your Google Account you can delete your Orkut profile permanently.

Step 1:

Go to Your Google Account

Step 2:

Click “Data Tools”

Google Account Data Tools

Google Account Data Tools

Step 3:

Select “Delete Products”

Delete Google Products

Delete Google Products

Step 4:

Select “remove Orkut account permanently”

Remove Orkut Permanently

Remove Orkut Permanently

In few days, your Orkut profile will remove completely. I would add few words at the end. “Ten years back, I was not more active on social network on the web. Orkut is the first social platform I have used and start learning and experimenting things over the web and sharing my precious moments with my friends and family.

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