Mobile Friendly web as a ranking signal in Google Search Index


Let’s continue to make our web more mobile friendly and enhance the effect of the ranking single in Google search results.

2015, 21 April Google rolled out the mobile friendly update to serve the finest and accurate search results to users’ search queries and web pages with high-quality, where text is readable without tapping or zooming the web page, appropriate space in between tap targets and a web page without unplayable content (which means responsive or more mobile friendly web pages).

2016, 16 March Google announced an update about the official enhancement of mobile friendly web as its ranking signal. Google’s motto is to serve good, relevant and best possible search results, whether users search on phone, tablet or desktop.

Starting from May 2016, this update will roll out and maximize the value of mobile friendly web as a ranking signal.

If your web is mobile friendly then you don’t need to worry about and this update may not impact your search rankings.

However, when searching on a mobile device google only shows the results which are mobile friendly with a tag “Mobile Friendly” at the first place of search result description and very few results which are not mobile friendly. Possibilities, with this update searcher will find only mobile optimized web in the search results.

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