How to Download Orkut Information to Computer?


Orkut shutdown on September 30, 2014. Before its gone, you can take back-up of your Orkut profile with Google Takeout Page. This facility is available for Orkut users and will be available will September 2016.

With Google Takeout, you can take backups of your Orkut Profiles, Scraped and Testimonials you received, Activities and your photos.

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To start with, download information, make sure you have enough space with your computers to store the data.

Step 1:

Go to Google Takout Page.

Step 2:

Click on “Create Archive”.

Google Takeout Create Archive

Google Takeout Create Archive

Step 3:

Select “Orkut” from Social section.

Select Orkut Social Web Tech Talk

Select “Orkut”

Step 4:

Click on “Create Archive” button. You can download data in .zip, .tgz and .tbz format.

Create Archive button Social Web Tech Talk

Create Archive button

Here you go, your data is being ready to download

Orkut Backup Social Web Tech Talk

Orkut Backup

Step 5:

Click on Download button to download your data.

Download Orkut Data Social Web Tech Talk

Download Orkut Data

You, can also take a backup of this data to cloud data storage by uploading to Google Drive.

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