Google Trends – New Topic Prediction and Accurate Reports


Google made a statement on its official blog about new enhanced results & few more improvements to Google Trends and assured to provide more accurate results.

Google has shared best example on his official blog by comparing 2 terms “Rice” and “Harvard”. Earlier Google Trends will comprehend and will provide results by knowing Rice as a food and Harvard as a university name and will show results as showing in below image.

Google Trends (

Now if you begin writing to search terms like “Rice” it shows a prediction like “Rice University (University)” and “Rice (Cereal)”. And yes it makes impression to get more accurate results.

Google Trends - New Topic Prediction and Accurate Reports (

As an improvement of this new efficiency, Google shows the results by merging data for related search queries. Example: if a person is searching for results of the celebrity name, Google trends will exhibit a result structured in the exact search terms, terms with spelling mistakes, nickname of the celebrity and more which are related.

Google has introduced these additions with Beta version and wishing to get an assist & review from users to improve it. At the moment we can continue to set of information for over 700,000 exclusive Topics and parse the information to assess search awareness from countries: South America, Italy, Malaysia, India, Italy, UK, and US.

What are your opinions for this, will it help us to get more accurate results? Share your views through comments.

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