Best Guide to find Localized Search Results in Google


December 2015, was the last month, when we searched keyword geographically with Google’s location and regional search setting.

So what was that?

Google’ location based search setting was allowing users to bypass their default search setting and get the results from a specific city outside of their regions. So, removal of local search settings may form a trouble for many businesses, especially for SEO industries.

By losing of this feature in search, businesses are unable to track their search presences across their different targeted locations. They have started searching for the best mechanism as a perfect solution to assist their problems.

Plenty research and valuable development happened and marketers (like me) come up with a manual and automated mechanisms / solutions which help to get local ranks in Google from different regions.

Manual solution to check local ranking

1) Add the “City Name” at the end of your keyword

Search with City Name at the end of your keyword

First solution was like a First-aid kit for marketers. We add the city name at the end of our search query to get location based results. As we know Google counts “Indian Restaurant” & “Indian Restaurant Melbourne” as two different search queries and shows different search results, but not the exact results which users have in their specific locations. Marketers got disappointed with the end results produced by this mechanism.

2) “&near” Parameter in Google search URL

&near Parameter in Google search URL

Barry Schwartz, one of my favorite industry expert, came up with a quick and easiest solution that doesn’t need any complex mechanism. Simply add “&near=cityname” parameter in the localized & regional Google’s query string.

For an example, if you are searching for an Indian Restaurant in regional Google’s search, the query string will be like

And result will be like:

Search without &near parameter

Now add parameter in the query string

Search with &near parameter

Do you really think, this is an easiest and less time consuming solution? Maybe not, because for each search query you need to create an URL manually. And this manual solution causes a trouble for marketer whom have hundreds of search queries to track.

Nikhil Makwana, a smart digital marketer (it’s me) come up with a simplest solution in a form of an Excel file, which helps other marketers create URLs for their hundreds of keywords in a minute of two.

Only add the name of the county, targeted city or suburb with city name & your keywords and get the localized search URLs of individual keywords.

Google Localized Search URL Generator

You can add data in any regional language and search by copy & paste the localized search URL in the web browser. You can also use or other online tools to open multiple URLs in a single click.

Get Google Localized Search URL Generator

Tools to check local ranking.

1) Rank Tracker

A pretty cool and easy tool by Recently, this tool has been updated to track location search queries with exact GPS Location based results. The mechanism of this tool passes the search query with the GPS coordinates and delivers accurate results possible. Talking more about its features, includes automated search across 325 different search engines, highlight the ranking difference with current and previous positions in search restuls, keywords suggestions and to optimize them to be a profitable keyword and more.

This tool is available with free Edition and licensed version starting from US $125.

Get Rank Tracker

2) Whitespark

Whitespark’s local rank tracker tool will monitor your local and organic search ranking results to show you exactly where you’re ranking in each city. This tool, geo-locate all search queries to the specific city and track accurate results, which is equivalent to the results compare with a user searching in the city would see. Visualization of ranking change over the time is one of the favorite feature of mine.

This tool has free trial with 3 searches/day for 1 project. Its pricing is also affordable, starting from US $5 per month.

Get Whitespark

VPN to create virtual presence of us in targeted locations.

Virtual Private Network is the best solution for point to point secure connectivity, and private network across to a public network like the internet. There are a large number of VPN solutions available in the market, but among them, I have found two best solutions goldenfrog’s vyprvpn & NordVPN. I have discovered theirs in budget (which suits to my pocket too!!) paid tools, which have outstanding performance and help to get the exact localized search results in Google.


VyprVPN – US$ 5.00 for the first month & US $9.99 / Month
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NordVPN – US $8 / Month & US $4 / Month (Billed annually)
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Now, marketers have perfect solutions on their hand to overcome from this trouble.

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