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YouTube 2nd Largest Search Engine

Which Is Second Largest Search Engine?

This is for all readers of Social Web Tech Talk. Last weekend, I was taking a backup of my laptop. At that time I found this infographic “YouTube is the second largest search engine“, which I created about 2 & half years back. Check this

How to download Orkut information to the Computer

How to Download Orkut Information to Computer?

Orkut shutdown on September 30, 2014. Before its gone, you can take back-up of your Orkut profile with Google Takeout Page. This facility is available for Orkut users and will be available will September 2016. With Google Takeout, you can take backups of your Orkut

Orkut Featured Image

Orkut Shutdown on September 30, 2014

It’s time to say “GoodBye” to Orkut. Google made announcement that “Orkut will no longer available after 30 September 2014 till that time we can login to account, play games and can use our account as normal. We can do till Sep 2014 Export our


Win-Win Situation with Google Product Listing Ads

Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are one of the best means of online selling of your products. When a user looks up for a product related keyword, Google displays PLAs on search pages that give product information like its image, price, product name, etc. The

1 Billion Active users per month on Android

1 Billion Active Users Per Month on Android

Last year in Google I/O 2013, Google publicized the count of 900 million active users with Android devices. This year this count is increased and reached to 1 Billion active users per month with Android devices. Google’s Android head Sunder Pichai revealed this count in

Slingshot featured image Social Web Tech Talk

Slingshot – New App to Capture and Share Moments

Sligshot an app introduced by Facebook which allows you to capture moments and share with your friends and family. Sligshot says, its new kind of feed where everyone is creator. But, how? The sharing feature with Slignshot is a bit different. You can capture photo

Facebook Down Social Web Tech Talk

Facebook Downtime Noted Globally

“Sorry, Something went wrong.” Message appeared for all website and Apps users of Facebook. This was happened first time in journey of Facebook that all users globally noted downtime and tackled matters to browse through Facebook. For a while this occasion made a trend on